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Over 80 Dead In Syrian University Explosion
By Robert Meyers
Jan 16, 2013 - 2:10:41 PM

Aftermath of the explosion at a Syrian University on Tuesday, (Credit @NMSyria/Twitter)

SYRIAMore than 83 people lay dead with over 150 more wounded, after an explosion at a Syrian University in Aleppo on Tuesday. The blast occurred at the university dormitory in the northwest sector of the city, according to reports. 

Aleppo, Syria’s largest and most populated city, had been in a relative state of calm for months before the blast.

The university campus is located in Aleppo’s northwest sector of the city, part of the 40% currently under the control of the Assad Regime. Opposition forces control the other 60%.

It is unclear just who is responsible for the attacks.

The Syrian government has blamed the explosion on the Syrian rebel opposition firing rockets at the campus, according to reports from its state-run media outlets. 

Opposition forces say the Assad Regime is responsible for the blast, insisting that the Syrian military carried out air strikes, according to reports released by various agencies and reports from social media.

A blast crater left by an attack at a Syrian University Tuesday. (Credit: @nadimhoury/Twitter)

Video recorded during the aftermath of the attack suggests the use of a more powerful arsenal than Syrians rebels currently have in their possession, said an analysis of the situation released by the Associated Press.  

Independent verification of casualties and destruction is extremely difficult. The Assad Regime currently has strict enforcement in place barring most foreign journalists from operating inside the county. The exact extent of the damage and death-toll is unclear.

Since the beginning of Syria’s Civil war, which began during the Arab Spring in 2011, more than 60,000 people have died.

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