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Update: Alleged Rape Victim Missing
By Amy Oppenheim
Mar 31, 2011 - 11:39:19 AM

LIBYA—The Libyan member of the rebel forces who reported being raped by Gadhafi’s soldiers, is scheduled to meet with journalists by April 2, but is still apparently missing.


Journalists staying at a Tripoli hotel in Libya have been informed by the Libyan government that Eman el-Obeidy , the woman who alleged in front of a mass of journalists that she had been raped by Gadhafi’s followers, would be meeting them for an interview this weekend, apparently no later than April 2.


Eman el-Obeidy

El-Oibedy is scheduled to meet with only female reporters as part of the post-rape victim process, according to Libyan government officials. A government official also stated that while no one appears to know el-Obeidy’s whereabouts, they believe she is in a women’s shelter for battered women and is under protective services.


However, el-Obiedy’s mother, Aisha Ahmad, has firmly insisted that she has not heard from her daughter since the incident at the hotel. The government has said that el-Obeidy was released shortly after being escorted away from the establishment on March 26, but family members and journalists in the area have not seen or heard from her and they believe she is still being held captive by the government.


El-Obeidy is a known member of the rebel forces opposed to Gadhafi’s rule, and during her account of the alleged rape, she suggested that she was captured and raped by 15 men who are loyal to Gadhafi’s government because she is a rebel.


When el-Obeidy’s story first appeared in the news, the government attempted to discredit her story by calling her a “mentally ill prostitute,” which was later revealed to be untrue. Her family corrected the misinformation by saying she is completely sane and is actually a law school graduate.


El-Obeidy is supposed to meet with journalists this weekend, and reporters are still waiting to hear more information. They hope to learn the truth of her whereabouts if she successfully makes it to the interview.


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