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Shish Kabob Meal
By Therese Kelly
Aug 20, 2004 - 1:14:00 AM

Yummy and juicy. Photo by Olga.

Shish kabob

2 lbs Lamb leg or Beef Steak
2 large onions, cut in quarters
4 Green and Red Peppers
1 dozen very small tomatoes
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup of parsley chopped fine
1/8 cup of mint leaves chopped fine
Pepper and salt to taste

Cut meat into small cubes and place in large pan. Add all the other ingredients to the pan let marinate over night or four hours. Place chunk of meat on skewer, then onion, tomato, then green pepper, then meat then red pepper, then tomato, then meat, until all skewers are filled. Barbeque until done to your taste or preference. Keep sauce for putting on the skewers as they cook. Serve with Rice Pilaf and vegetables.

Rice Pilaf

1 cup fine noodles
2 cups Long grain rice
2 cups water
4 tsps butter
enough grape seed or vegetable oil to cover bottom of pan

Put oil and butter in pan, heat and add noodles, brown them and then add rice. Mix until rice is hot, add two cups water and stir once, lower heat when it starts to boil and cook until tender. About thirty minutes.

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