Assouline: Book Emporium
By Tricia Crowley
May 22, 2011 - 5:29:08 AM

LOS ANGELES—Born in Paris in 1995, Assouline Publishing is the purveyor of regal illustrated books dedicated to celebration of well-heeled lifestyles, fashion, photography, art and design. Assouline bequeaths a colorful, cultured rhetoric to the reader. “The spirit and 'savoir faire' of these works have contributed to the creation of a unique, eclectic, chic, and elegant brand that is immediately identifiable,” explain Prosper and Martine Assouline, the visionaries behind the brand.

NY WEST learned that Bastide is adjoined with the Assouline Publishing emporium, creating a bookstore/restaurant that welcomes the palette for French tastes and flush tomes on Melrose Place in West Hollywood. The tastemaker, who appreciates the finer things in life, is welcome to purchase “culture” as a luxury item along with savoring the experience of balmy dinning.

Never passing up the opportunity to peruse through the latest edition of a majestic Assouline book, NY WEST, lost in the imagination of sitting on Via Parigi just off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, enjoyed a French-infused lunch. The tranquil earring of a fountain in the background and the California sunbeams thinning through the trees made the setting perfect while we flipped through “The Luxury Collections: Destination Guides”: the six slender volumes in Assouline’s series of “Passports to Jet-Set Style.”

Each Assouline “work of art” is characterized and laminated with sharp colors and real-life photos. Alongside the 2008 fall collection, Assouline expanded its horizon toward the sway of accessories. The invited connoisseur can embrace the honest and well-lived taste of the Assouline lifestyle with the haute couture accessories that dress the Assouline “culture” to perfection. All of this while epitomizing the elegance and aesthetic Assouline is known for.

Goyard Book Case
The store entrance is adorned with a grand framed cover of “Condè Nast Traveler’s Room with a View.” It immediately captures the soul with the original sharp, colorful work of art Assouline descries. The store is painted the signature “Assouiline red” on which Mondrian bookshelves are stacked from floor to ceiling with special glossy editions and vintage books.

Adding to the plethora of books are accessories, such as the hand-crafted Wooden Paper Weights and the poker-inspired, hand painted ostrich eggs. The brand is above and beyond a publishing company. Assouline is the emporium of its kind. And that is sealed with the Assouline wax seal of authenticity!

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