Closet Constants
By Tricia Crowley
Apr 28, 2011 - 8:36:35 AM

Porsche 911
LOS ANGELES—The car you drive has become a personal statement in LA and having more than one car to choose from (in accordance with your play date) is not the exception.  NY WEST agrees that wardrobe should mirror automobile fashion.  A basic statement outfit that can be adjusted accordingly all year long (e.g. adding leather riding boots or a shearling jacket) is considered necessary. Ann Caruso, a NY-LA-based fashion stylist said, “My life centers around classics like white shirts and black slim pants. They always look right in any occasion.”  Driving everywhere you go is not a luxury, it’s routine. NY WEST is certain particular items in your closet should be as accessible and as routine as getting into your vintage Porsche 911!

Black Band
NY WEST starts with the timeless white button down shirt.  Always having a white, crisp dress shirt on hand is the ultimate closet constant. Whatever the clouds bring in, the white shirt is a plinth and offers both extreme sex appeal and perfect old school charm. As the brilliant shirt maker Anne Fontaine (Brighton Way) comments, “The shirt offers the wearer a second skin a familiar and reliable piece of clothing that generates a natural and spontaneous elegance.”    

All-American as apple pie, denim is a classic pant for NY WEST. Investing in a pair of denim pants is a condition for the closet constant. Jeans are mentioned in "The September Issue,” a documentary where Anna Wintour wires the cause of buying a tailored pair of J Brand jeans. All-American beauties such as Leighton Meester and January Jones walk the streets of LA in denim. NY WEST digs the Converse sneaker, and for all year-round classic comfort with style, go with a pair of classic driving loafers.

NY WEST loves the bold beauty of the man’s watch. For the closet constant clock in the closet, go with a black rubber band. For the watch that justifies classic time, so to speak, go with J. Crew’s Creative Director, Jenna Lyons’s choice of Timex.  Although, if you are down in Santa Monica, take a turn into Swatch on the Promenade. Maybe that Rolex Steel Oyster Perpetual Airking 1400 can wait a year!                                

Feed bag
To add a little “green” next to your Birkin or Chanel clutch, keep on hand a WFP Feed bag. It is purchased in the zip code, three blocks over from Rodeo at Whole Foods on Crescent. FYI: Lauren Bush carries one and she is engaged to the son of Ralph Lauren, David!        

It’s has been said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In this city, women have many friends. Good thing because the diamond stud is the only “stud” in the closet all year long!

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