Divorcée Sale
By Tricia Crowley
May 8, 2011 - 4:19:37 PM

Jill Alexander
LOS ANGELES—This week NY WEST sat down with fashion savvy Jill Alexander to discuss her new endeavors and some of the hottest things about Los Angeles! Jill knows a little more than a thing or two when business and fashion are the topic of conversation. This bicoastal girl at heart has been intertwined in the fashion world for years from Los Angeles to Paris. Her black book of fashion brands and fashion-forward acquaintances includes names from Lanvin to Tory Burch. From May 13-15, Jill is debuting a modern twist to buying fashion apparel and accessories with “The Divorcée Sale.” The “Divorcée Sale” is a fun-filled shopping affair, a cathartic personal experience and a charitable event designed to benefit all who participate.

Jill holds a steady résumé in the fashion retail business, especially pertaining to startup companies. Jill was the West Coast manager of the now blasting brand Tory Burch. "I learned so much being on the ground floor of Tory Burch's business. I love startups and thrive in that environment,” said Jill.

Presently, Jill is occupied with her solo endeavour launching her signature start-up concept. NY WEST highlights the public relations "pop" Jill adds with the intention of giving back. Not only will women buy for themselves, but they will be putting their fashion dollars towards a charitable cause. "The Divorcée Sale” is aligned with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Miles4Meredtith in which 25 percent of the event's sales will be donated.

The title “The Divorcée Sale” has caught attention. Living in a locality where divorce is as common as buying your 10th Birkin bag, Jill’s black book will be exploding with her newest fashionista contacts who are ready to get rid of last season’s collections and start a fresh new spring-summer and/or fall-winter wardrobe. Newly divorced, three times divorced or never divorced gals who want to clean out their past or “divorce themselves from their past,” so to speak, have the opportunity to consign their past!

As Jill said, “The Divorcée Sale” is her past and your future! The sale is helping people not only clean out their closets, but helping people who would like to buy a particular brand, but cannot afford it in the stores. And all in all it is going to breast cancer awareness.”

Jill has received an embracing following through social networking.  A regal British fashion icon, Plum Sykes posted on "The Divorcée Sale” Facebook page, “It’s a very witty take on fashion.”

To grab a sneak peak at some feted for sale items (e.g., a light pink Marc Jacobs bag that is so beautiful as we go into summer), go to her FB page and website thedivorceesale.com. There will be some super pieces such as Lanvin dresses, Dries Van Noten and Missoni. There are also some lower price points and definitely a great size range. Jill is “excited by the level of great consigners so far. Everyone is really getting involved for a great cause.”

On a personal note, Jill is sure to have some of her favorite designers there, and brands from her hot spots such as Curve on Robertson. Jill notes, “[Curve is] probably the chicest boutique in the city. They have brands no one in L.A. carries. The service is also spot-on without being obnoxious.” Barney’s New York is another top pick because for Jill it is an education every time she visits. It is a great place to see what’s happening in fashion. Coming into summer Jill has her stamp of approval on Givenchy’s woven wedge and wide leg trousers in which Tory Burch styles a fabulous pair. NY WEST is sure to be seeing some of Jill’s similar picks at the sale.

Christian Louboutin
Women from all over are consigning their clothes. One consigner, who caught the concept of "The Divorcée Sale,” is moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. She wants to start fresh in L.A., so her Chicago wardrobe is at the sale! Different parts of people’s lives will be sold at this event.

To get involved in this fabulous charitable event at the Mondrian Los Angeles on May 13-15, please contact Jill at 310-513-5252 or go to thedivorceesale.com. For more information on the charities aligned with this event please contact bcrfcure.org.


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