Liberty And The Pursuit Of Fashion
By Tricia Crowley
Apr 10, 2011 - 8:27:32 PM

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LOS ANGELES —Fashion is a freedom of personal expression and identity. With the reruns of "Sex and the City," NY WEST applauds Candace Bushnell and Patricia Field for truly channeling the personal side of fashion of women around the globe. Alongside Anna Wintour’s brilliant idea for putting the celebrity face on the cover of "Vogue," "Sex and the City" seemed to be the first to communicate an unconventional and whimsical storyboard of fashion’s freedom from the big screen to the closets at home.

Sporty & Sexy

With the world encountering significant economic and technological change, the wardrobe seems to be adjusted from season to season with a bit more juggling with personal imagination and the inspiration. NY WEST offers a “letter of thanks” to Ms. Bushnell and Ms. Field for tailoring the parameters of what is “in and out” to the wayside, truly celebrating the pursuit of fashion freedom.

Mixed Patterns
Fashion today reflects your lifestyle, ideas and mood. The rules of what you buy and grace today reflect particular customs and traditions for each soul. Go ahead and wear the pink tutu or the “Carrie” necklace you have stored in your treasure box. Yes, the "Girls" dressed in unsurpassed designers, but the overall venue was the harmony of different patterns, textures and colors styled together: old with new, gold with silver, dots and stripes, sporty with sexy and economical to luxurious. It's all over the pages of glossy publications and blogs! 

Old & New
As Ralph Lauren has said, “Fashion is about what is going on in the world; a blend of all things that are happening.” 

And oh yes, not to forget Ms. Sharon Stone on the Academy Awards red carpet with a Gap black turtleneck! That is the pursuit of fashion freedom!


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