Power Walking
By Tricia Crowley
Apr 3, 2011 - 4:44:22 PM

Christian Louboutin high heels
LOS ANGELES—Fashion is an open window into someone’s lifestyle and each zip code constitutes a different beat. Being fashion-forward (wearing Christian Louboutin shoes from 9 to 5 p.m.) is not a daily necessity for women. However, to sacrifice fashion is like giving up your identity! For the NY WEST woman, giving up your Jimmy Choos for a pair of Nike shoes is a daily must to keep up a lifestyle true of a clear mind, spirit and body.

To be seen throughout the streets of Los Angeles running from a Physique 57 class into Barney Greengrass for a bite, is not uncommon for cultured swans of Los Angeles. NY WEST tones a quiet, avant-garde style for today’s woman to compliment and cater to a lifestyle of around-the-clock networking from London to Los Angeles.

The Lululemon leggings, a white T-shirt from the newly opened Petit Bateau on Brighton Way, with a cashmere-striped sweater, accompanied with a vintage silk scarf from Curate Couture (Brentwood’s chicest consignment boutique) tied around the neck and a pair of Nike shoes can work just as well for the daily fashion reprise.

From Elle MacPherson going from a “school run” to the gym in London sporting a Moncler jacket, to Kim Kardashian walking out of a workout in West Hollywood, Hermes Birkin bag to be noted, these ladies do not slight on the fashion.

Of course, the Ralph Rucci dress in the storefront of Neiman Marcus is on our fashion storyboard this week! But as Anna Wintour says, “Fashion is not created just on the runways; it is created each time you get out of bed in the morning!”

By the way, if you have the NY WEST eye for quiet style, you just might catch more big celebrities walking down the street—if you care!!!

Stripped cashmere sweater
A Ralph Rucci dress. Photos by Tricia Crowley

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