Bad Movie Night
"Ginger Snaps": Not So Bad
By Socrates Crenshaw and Orlando W. Harris
Jun 1, 2003 - 4:59:00 PM


Oh snaps! Sorry, I know that was too easy, but that's about the only cheap laugh to be found. This movie is really too good for a bad movie night. I still don't know whether to be pleased at how good the movie is or disappointed that it wasn't awful and cheesy.

It's a wonder what you can do with a real budget; interesting script, real actors, cool effects, great gore, all on film.

This tale centers around a pair of goth sisters, Ginger and Bridgette- ages 16 and 15 respectively- and they are obsessed with death and take photos of themselves in all sorts of gruesome moments with exceptional realism.

The two are peas in a pod, as they make snide comments about fellow classmates, and watch each other's backs in field hockey practice. Oh, and they made a pact when they were eight years old that they would die together at age 16; be careful what you wish for.
Photo Taken By Rachelle Sadler
There's also been a beast roaming around killing everybody's 'pooches'.

Ginger and Bridgette are at hockey practice, joking about a possible news flash of a bubbly blond, Trina, being murdered. Trina is nearby and hears it all, and plots revenge. They get called onto the field and shortly after tip-off, Trina checks Bridgette hard, knocking her onto a gutted dog.

Ginger gets riled up when Bridgette suggests kidnapping Trina's rottweiler and pretending the "beast" has it.

Night falls and while en route, they stumble onto another gored doggy. Ginger then gets attacked by a four-legged something and Bridgette tries to shake it off but is thrown into a pile of leaves in the process.

She returns, and swats the thing with her Polaroid and the girls dash off through some trees and across a street. The beast follows and is run over by a yellow van driven by Sam, the local dealer.

A relationship develops between Sam and Bridgette, or 'B' as she is called, while Ginger slowly transforms into a werewolf. All the while she becomes hotter and hotter, and much to our liking, hornier and hornier.

Photo Taken By Rachelle Sadler
No mention of full moons or anything like that is made as this movie takes on its own werewolf lore. It doesn't even take a full moon to transform Ginger into a full-grown werewolf on Halloween night. Some things never change, however, the girls try to stave off Ginger's disease by piercing her belly button with a silver ring. After the blood cleared, it looked real nice.

The most horrifying part of the movie is when the nurse is discussing a woman's period. Now we've had health classes and we were told enough. I didn't need to know that there are different colors, including black, much less different consistencies. A horror movie about a jailbait piece of ass turning into a werewolf is no place for filling someone in who didn't learn that crucial tidbit. 

We don't want to give away too much of this movie because it's really good. With a title like "Ginger Snaps", you wouldn't expect what it delivers. The movie was made in Canada and we think went straight to video, but certainly didn't deserve to.

Ok, now the good stuff: four dog deaths, and four human deaths and one near death, as one boy is turned into a werewolf himself by making sweet love to Ginger, and having her literally tear into him in the process. Unfortunately there were no breasts in this film, (and don't think we weren't waiting for Isabelle to disrobe with bated breath) but since she's so hot anyway, we weren't that disappointed.

We rate this one in kegs of beer because they're a universal symbol of good and wholesome activity. We proudly give "Ginger Snaps" a four out of five kegs. See it tonight.

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