Angels To Open 2013 In Cincinnati
By Eric Lemus
Sep 12, 2012 - 12:34:57 PM

ANAHEIM—The Los Angeles Angels will open the 2013 season in Cincinnati against the Reds in the first ever interleague season opener.

The Cincinnati Reds, in keeping with tradition, have opened all but four seasons at home.

Because the Houston Astros will jump from the National League Central division t the American League West in 2013, each league will have 15 teams. The odd number means that Major League Baseball will have an interleague series playing year-round.

Interleague play was introduced in 1997, and had since been played in May and June, before the All-Star break. Each team played 18 games per season, with a focus on geographical rivalries.

Baseball purists have had a tough time accepting interleague play over the traditional format where the two leagues only met in the World Series. However, most fans have enjoyed the new format, and the 2013 schedule will probably not change that feeling.

With six divisions of five teams, the new scheduling format will include 19 games against each divisional opponent (76), 6 or 7 against the remaining league opponents (66), and 20 interleague games.

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