Dodgers Battle Back In NLCS Game Three
By Amanda Macke
Oct 15, 2013 - 2:23:04 PM

LOS ANGELES—The Dodgers battled back against the St. Louis Cardinals with a home game victory in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series.


After losing the first two games in St. Louis, the Dodgers returned to a sold-out stadium and beat the Cardinals 3-0 on Monday, October 14. With home advantage, the Dodgers also gained momentum with key players Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier back to the field after recovering from previous injuries. Ramirez at shortstop wore a lightweight jacket to protect his left rib that was fractured after being hit by a ball pitch in Game 1, and Ethier returned to center field after complaining of shin splints.


Pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu played a phenomenal game, allowing only three hits and one walk over seven scoreless innings and only one runner to reach third base. According to the Twitter page of the Major League Baseball organization (MLB), Ryu is the first left-handed Dodgers starter to win a NLCS game since Fernando Valenzuela in 1985.


Adrian Gonzalez broke the Dodgers’ scoreless streak with a double in the fourth inning bringing Ellis home from third base. Up until that point, the Dodgers had not scored a point in 22 straight innings and had not scored since the third inning of Game 1.


Next was Yasiel Puig who sent Gonzalez home with a triple hit that seemed at first like a homerun, but bounced off the back right fence. Gonzalez’s run brought the score to 2-0 for the Dodgers at the bottom of the fourth.

Carl Crawford safely sliding to home base.

The big moment of the game came in the bottom of the eighth with a wounded Ramirez playing through the pain to send Crawford sliding home. The first two bases were loaded with Crawford hitting a left center single and Mark Ellis making a line drive to left field with one out. The crowd roared, “Lets go Dodgers!” as Ramirez then popped a ball right over the Cardinals center fielder and Crawford began sprinting from second to home. The crowd exploded as Crawford slid home with his right heel touching the base moments before Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina could make the tag. The eighth inning came to a wrap with Dodgers ahead now 3-0.


At the top of the ninth, Kenley Jansen relieved Ryu as pitcher and ended the game with a 3-0 redemptive victory for the Dodgers. Now 1-2 for the series, the Dodgers have a chance to comeback and win the NL Championship Series.


The Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly, said after the game, “The playoffs are a one day momentum swings. Every day changes with momentum. Right now I feel like we’ve kind of grabbed it.”


The Dodgers are 6-1 in the last seven postseason home games, and they play again at Dodger Stadium Tuesday night, October 15, for Game 4.

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