Chris Paul Elected As NBPA President
By Luis Cuevas
Aug 22, 2013 - 8:24:52 AM

UNITED STATES—Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul became the highest profile NBA player to head the NBPA. The National Basketball Players Association elected Paul as President on Wednesday, August 21 after a two-day meeting in Las Vegas.

Chris Paul


Paul, a vice president on the union’s executive board for the past four years, is the biggest star to lead the group since Patrick Ewing in 2001. He begins his 18-month term replacing Derek Fisher who had been president since 2006. The move was a surprise after free agent Roger Mason had been the only candidate to announce publicly their decision to run for Fisher’s position. The star’s most important job will be to guide the union through the process of selecting a replacement for Billy Hunter who was fired as NBPA executive director in February.


The 2011 lockout resulted in the players giving up a portion of their revenue to the owners, in addition to harsher luxury tax rules that limit spending. There’s been a growing frustration within the union. LeBron James said he considered running for president of the union, but because it was going backward, he ultimately decided not to.

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