Kevin Ware Receives Surgery
By Luis Cuevas
Apr 1, 2013 - 10:11:29 PM

UNITED STATES—On Monday, April 1, Kevin Ware of Louisville had surgery after an open fracture during Sunday's game against Duke on national television. Ware suffered one of the most horrendous basketball injuries. He had surgery on Sunday afternoon to fix his open fracture on his right tibia. The Cardinals’ were distraught as soon as they saw what had happened to him and a lot of the team succumbed to tears. The Louisville Cardinals were able to win the game against the Duke Blue Devils 85-63 and advance to the Final Four.


Louisville Cardinals


Ware told his team he would be fine to go back and win the game. Rick Pitino in the post game conference said if it wasn’t for him telling them that he doesn’t know if they would be able to have played. Ware had a bone reset and a rod inserted into his leg that lasted about two hours. The wound caused by his bone puncturing through his skin was also closed. He is expected to stay in Indianapolis through Tuesday.


He will be able to recover from this injury and continue to play basketball competitively. There is currently no timetable on when he will be back. On Monday a teammate posted a photo of Ware walking on crutches on twitter.

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