The Heat Burns The Bulls
By Luis Cuevas
May 9, 2013 - 12:00:48 AM

MIAMI—On Wednesday, May 7, the Miami Heat even up the series on their home floor against Chicago Bulls. The Heat won 115-78 in a trashing of the Bulls, a historical game for both teams as the Bulls set their record for worst playoff loss and the Heat set their record for their best playoff victory.

Lebron James


Lebron James led the Heat with 19 points, five rebounds, nine assists and three steals. Dwayne Wade had 15 points and five assists. Ray Allen came off the bench for 21 points and Norris Cole came off the bench for 18 points. The Bulls were outrebounded 41-28 on the night. The third quarter changed everything as Miami outscored the Bulls 30-15.


The Heat shot 60 percent from the field compared to the 35 percent from the field for the Bulls. Marco Belinelli led the Bulls with 13 points, two rebounds and six assists. The Bulls shot 39 percent from the three-point line and the Heat shot 50 percent from the field.


The Conference Semi-Finals matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat will continue of Friday in Chicago. The winner of this series will move on to the Eastern conference against the winner of the series between the Pacers and the Knicks.

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