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Former Home Of Judy Garland Up For Sale
By Charlie Golestani
Mar 11, 2012 - 5:56:27 PM

BEL AIRThe home of a Hollywood legend is hitting the market.

Hugh Evans, partner of real estate brokerage and acquisitions company, Partners Trust, is listing the $7.1 million estate of former screen star Judy Garland.

The Stone Canyon house was purchased and renovated by Stephanie Booth Murray, while her own home was under construction in the area.  With the completion of her own home, Murray is selling the house.

“She has great taste,” Evans said. One interesting feature is a quaint writer’s cottage that occupies the grounds that Murray had used as a pool house for her children.

The home once belonging to the "Wizard of Oz" star has had other celebrity owners such as singer songwriters Quincy Jones and Marvin Gaye and Polo menswear entrepreneur Jerry Magnin.

But according to Evans, the history of the property isn’t a defining selling point.

“It’s not selling the house in itself,” he said, “but people love houses with stories.  It certainly gets people’s attention.  You want as many eyeballs as you can,” he added, ”and a story such as this certainly helps.”

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