Bel Air News
Impasse In Market Negotiations
By Charlie Golestani
Jun 3, 2012 - 7:14:32 PM

BEL AIR—Raley’s supermarkets have reached a standstill with their union counterparts in talks that began in October of last year.

Discussions with the West Sacramento branch of the supermarket company could have rippling impact of halting headway for the Bel Air locations also.  Union officials seem puzzled by the company’s statements that negotiations cannot continue on the current path.


United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 seems to believe the impasse is imagined, “At our first two bargaining sessions since the overwhelming strike authorization by Local 5 members the company continued to demonstrate its erratic and irrational behavior despite the assistance of a federal mediator,” from a statement on UFCW’s website, calling the move “loopy.”

The breakdown came apparently at the point of hammering out what UFCW dubbed key issues such as quality health care for workers. UFCW reports that neither the mediator nor their negotiators found the situation impossible to navigate past.

“While in negotiations under the auspices of the federal mediator company representatives declare they are at impasse. Wonder who they are at impasse with because neither the mediator or the union believe the talks are dead locked.” Raley’s may extend its best and final offer and the union may choose to accept conditions or strike.

Despite the finality of Raley’s is offering in negotiations, talks continued 30 and 31, their outcomes unknown as of press time.

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