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Michael Jackson Death Trial Resumes Today
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Oct 11, 2011 - 11:43:20 PM

LOS ANGELES—The Michael Jackson manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray took a break yesterday, when the State of California took the Columbus Day holiday on Monday, October 10. However, on Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. the judge will lead the prosecution and the defense attorneys into a new part of the State’s case against the King of Pop’s personal physician, who is accused of recklessly causing the death of his patient. Dr. Conrad Murray has always contended that he was innocent, but the State of California pursued a case of manslaughter against the Houston, Texas based cardiologist, who admitted to giving Jackson the powerful anesthetic Propofol, which the L.A. Coroner ruled was the cause of his death.

Last week, defense attorneys grilled the Coroner, and several doctors from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, which received Jackson’s body when it was driven by ambulance from the Bel Air mansion where Jackson is reported to have died. Speculation over prosecution witnesses became fodder when the state dragged out four women, who admitted to having affairs with the married doctor. One such witness dressed very inappropriately for trial, and her testimony was similar to an audition for a reality show. She referred to her daily duties as, “an actress who takes care of her instrument every day.” Upon further examination, she admitted her instrument is herself. Even though Dr. Murray’s moral character or lack thereof is not on trial, the jurors seemed very irritated by the long list of mistresses the state put forth in direct examination. Another admitted mistress, who worked at a strip club told the court and the jury that she was on the telephone with Dr. Murray at the exact time Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest and died. All of the prosecution witnesses faced a grilling from defense attorneys, who have fought hard to destroy the state’s case against their client.

At least one of Michael Jackson’s doctors is now claiming that he will file a defamation suit against Dr. Conrad Murray for dragging him into the case. However the tape recordings made by Dr. Murray and the Los Angeles Police Department were the big shockers in the case last week. Dr. Murray allegedly audio taped his patient (Jackson) weeks before his death. Jackson can be heard on the tape slurring his words and describing being in severe pain. However, the prosecutors did not state whether the pain Jackson is describing is either physical or emotional.

In a stunning turn on Friday, the prosecutors in the case played hours of Dr. Murray’s police interrogations. The Jury went home on Friday with the final words they heard being those of Dr. Murray, who may or may not take the witness stand. In the first half of the tapes played in court, Dr. Murray describes feeling desperate and unable to help the singer to get off his dependency on Propofol. Today as court resumes, the last half of the interrogations will be played for the jury.

Dr. Conrad Murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted of manslaughter in the case. However, court watchers speculate that it’s not this case that Dr. Murray is most worried about, but the fact is, if he’s found guilty, his medical license would most likely be revoked, and he would have no way to make a living. The case is expected to last up to two to three more weeks before the jury begins deliberations, and decide the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray.

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