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Rupert Murdoch Purchasing Bel Air Winery
By Nedda Alishahi
Aug 14, 2013 - 8:16:12 PM

Moraga Vineyards: Photo Courtesy of Business Insider
BEL AIR—Rupert Murdoch, Australian media mogul, purchased a popular Bel Air vineyard earlier this year and has now reportedly bought Bel Air winery, Moraga.


Both the vineyard and winery have been owned by Tom Jones and his wife for the past few decades before they sold to Murdoch. Murdoch is in the process of finalizing his purchase of the Moraga Winery.


Jones and his wife purchased the Bel Air vineyard from late director of “Gone With the Wind” Victor Fleming in the 1950s. Jones came up with the idea for Moraga in the 1970s. His goal was to make great wines from only the best ingredients.


Murdoch, who will now be taking over for Jones, claims that he will uphold the same high quality wines as Jones has done for so many years.

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