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20,000 Potholes Will Be Filled In Los Angeles
By Amy Oppenheim
May 22, 2011 - 6:18:24 PM

BEVERLY HILLS/LOS ANGELES—Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told Angelenos on May 14 that the city plans to fill 20,000 potholes this summer, and that potholes should be reported immediately.


Mayor Antonio Villagairosa, from his Facebook page
Villaraigosa has asked that Los Angeles residents report any potholes found in their neighborhoods without delay, so that the summer’s pothole filling project can include as many damaged roads as possible.


According to a statement made on the Mayor’s twitter, the city will be using this information "to fill an unprecedented 20,000 potholes" during the weekend on June 4 and 5, which will require 75 crews of workers.


Additionally, Villaraigosa added via Twitter, “Add to your volunteer check list this Big Sunday to call 311 when you see a pothole in your community,” and even updated the city on May 14 when workers were “Filling a pothole by Venice Family Clinic!”


This pothole filling project has been ongoing for several years, as the uneven roads have created more and more damage to vehicles. On April 20, the mayor proclaimed in his 2011 through 2012 Budget Plan that one of the city’s primary goals is the “repair of 300,000 potholes," which is a 20 percent increase compared to the prior year. The project this June will be in collaboration with this effort.


The city normally fills about 250,000 potholes each year, and this increased goal of filling 300,000 potholes during 2011 comes after a rise in local residents’ frustration with the majorly damaged roads in areas such as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Studio City, Bel Air and Westwood.


According to the Department of Public Works website, the Bureau of Street Services, which is the leader in this mission to fill the city’s potholes, strives to “deliver street services to customers a timely, easy-to-do manner that positively impacts the quality of life for the community,” and proudly states, “We maximize our funding potential.”


With the help of the Bureau of Street Services and the persistence of local residents, the mayor and city officials have begun expanding and increasing the output of the Los Angeles pothole annual project.

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