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Beverly Hills Centennial Web Series
By Shelby Stiner
May 24, 2013 - 2:13:47 PM

BEVERLY HILLSOn January 28, 2014, the city of Beverly Hills will celebrate its 100th anniversary and the Beverly Hills Historical Society is planning more than parades and concerts to celebrate.
The Beverly Hills Historical Society.

The historical society wants to tell the history of Beverly Hills through a continuous web series called “100 YEARS, 100 STORIES” for the centennial.

Each two to three minute story will describe a piece of Beverly Hills through the eyes of its citizens, from taking a tour of the favorite spots around town to sharing photos, memories and memorabilia from the city’s past.

The video will also feature important Beverly Hills landmarks and explore their place in the history of Beverly Hills. The historical society hopes that the project will connect the community and bring a more personal touch to the centennial celebrations.

If you would like to tell your centennial story or find out more about the project, visit the Beverly Hills Historical Society website at or call (213)792-2447.

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