Beverly Hills News
Name Change For Little Santa Monica
By Alice Perez
Sep 11, 2013 - 7:00:23 PM

A debate is brewing about changing the name of a popular street.
BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, September 10, the city of Beverly Hills discussed the proposal for renaming the mile-long stretch of the road nicknamed ”˜Little Santa Monica Boulevard’ or ”˜South Santa Monica Boulevard’ to Burton Way.


North and South Santa Monica Boulevard runs through the posh Beverly Hills shopping district, and when it intersects with Rexford Drive it becomes the existing Burton Way.


This is not the first time a name change has been a topic of discussion. This is the third time locals and city planners have rallied for a re-titling of the street name since the 1980s.


Residents and local businesses are split on the issue with some seeing the street as too confusing to navigate for drivers. A concern is the street changing from one name to another, and there being too many Santa Monica Boulevards. Some would like to keep the ”˜little’ and ”˜south’ names because of its historical significance.

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