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Beverly Hills Hires Lawyers For Transit Case
By Sebastian Sarti
Jun 10, 2013 - 10:13:46 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—This past week the city of Beverly Hills hired two new attorneys to represent its interest in the Subway Metro Case. The case involved the proposed plan to build a subway under Beverly Hills High School.
Balance And Gavel

Beverly Hills currently has two lawsuits filed regarding the subway proposal beneath Beverly Hills High School. One suit is in state court and is filed against Metro. The second suit is in federal court and is filed against the Federal Transit Authority (FTA).

Previously, Beverly Hills was being represented by two law firms, Gilchrist & Rutter and Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger. While Shute, Mihally & Weinberger will continue to lead the litigation team, Gilchrist & Rutter will no longer be involved since its lead lawyer has left for a new law firm.

The city has replaced Gilchrist & Ritter with Philip Karmel of Bryan Cave LLP who will work on the case against the Federal Transit Authority. He has worked for the New York Metropolitan Transportaion Authority and has previous environmental and land use law experience.

Professor Daniel P. Selmi of Loyola Law School will also be representing the city, but he will be working on the case against the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportaion Authority in the California state court. He has worked on over 30 cases involving environmental law.

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