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Beverly Hills Rotary Club Honors Six
By Sebastian Sarti
Jun 4, 2013 - 8:32:50 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—Six employees of the City of Beverly Hills have received the 2013 Rotary Club of Beverly Hills Vocational Service Award for their accomplishments in their respective fields.
The Rotary Club honored 6 people this year.

The award recipients were: Community Development Director Susan Healy-Keene, Director of Project Administration Alan Schneider, Fire Department Captain David Perusse, Fire Engineer Charles Ratcliff, Police Detective George Elwell, Police Sergeant Max Subin and two U.S. Post Office employees. They were all recognized on Monday, June 3 during the local Rotary Club’s annual awards lunch.

Susan Healy-Keene joined the city in 2009 and has aided in its progress by updating the General Plan and using contemporary technology to advance the planning services’ efficacy.

Alan Schneider has worked for the city for 31-years and has managed City-owned properties such as Roxbury Park, Whole Foods, Crate and Barrel and The Visitor’s Center.

Fire Captain Perusse developed a Mobile Oxygen Generation System which allows the city to create its own medical oxygen for use during an emergency.

Fire Engineer Ratcliff joined the Beverly Hills Fire Department 11 years ago. He has kept the entire fire department fleet in excellent working order since becoming master mechanic for the fire department.

Detective Elwell was awarded due to his investigative skills, which were highlighted by his success in a four-year investigation on drug trafficking.

Sergeant Subin has gained recognition for his work in the department’s Community Relations Bureau. He has implemented the use of social media which has aided the department in solving recent crimes.

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