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Beverly Hills School Safety Announcement
By Katherine Noland
Dec 19, 2012 - 3:33:26 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—On Monday, December 17, Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden and School Superintendent Gary Woods met to review currently placed security procedures and discussed ways to enhance them after the Connecticut shootings on December 14.

The city of Beverly Hills and BHUSD ( Beverly Hills Unified School District) have made an in-depth plan of action for the event of a school lockdown or shooting for all five public schools. In a recent press release, Woods stated, “While we are confident that our current plans and emergency procedures are solid, every school in the district will be reviewing their plans in light of the Newtown tragedy. This includes fine-tuning our logistical protocols, bolstering our communication and training, and interfacing more closely with our local Police Department. I think it’s an excellent time to reinforce the district’s emergency plans and involve every stakeholder, including students, teachers, support staff and parents.”

BHUSD is also working with other Beverly Hills private schools to ensure the safety of all students and faculty in all Beverly Hills schools, in light of last Friday’s massacre. After the Sandy Hook school shootings, the city and police department have stepped up patrols of schools and have performed routine daily site visits, along with planned emergency drills to better prepare for any future threats.

Beverly Hills Police
In a recent press release sent out by the Santa Monica Police Department, the need for student evaluations was noted, in order to predict possible safety threats. There will also be increased training of new staff and substitute teachers to correctly and competently handle such circumstances as those in Connecticut.

On a recently uploaded video on the BHUSD website, Police Chief Snowden stated, “The tragic events Friday gives all parents certainly pause to be concerned about what’s going on with their families. We're here to tell you that they are safe.” Woods stated, “We practice our plan and procedure on a monthly basis. We are prepared for any crisis.”

The school boards website also has a letter from superintendent Woods who describes his reaction to the Connecticut shootings as a school board member and parent himself. The letter states that BHSD maintains safety through great relationships with the police department and city officials, regular practice of drills, and an efficient communication system to connect with parents through phone and e-mail.

As a parent of four, he recommends talking to your children, limiting exposure to the media/news, maintaining a sense of normalcy, be aware of signs of anxiety, and continue monitoring and listening.






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