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Canines Honored In Special Ceremony
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Nov 14, 2012 - 7:35:25 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—The second annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards took place on November 9. Pfizer, a renowned company in discovery, development and production of medications for animals (livestock as well as household pets) sponsored the event last week. The purpose of the awards ceremony is to recognize America’s Hero Dogs; dogs that simply help save lives from combat zones to guiding blind or deaf people.


Pfizer supports causes emphasizing animal-human bonds and not to long ago collaborated with the American Humane Association on a literature review supporting the benefits from receiving therapy from animals on children suffering from cancer, as well as the patient’s family.


The competition consisted of eight different categories: Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Law Enforcement & Arson Dogs, Military Dogs, Emerging Hero Dogs (“ordinary dogs”) and Guide Dogs. Stella was this year’s finalist. As a licensed therapy dog, Stella’s job is providing comfort to developmentally disabled adults, as well as children who live in non-profit Richmond Community Services in New York.


The grand prize was $5,000 and the money will be donated to the organization Angel on a Leash. This organization encourages a human-animal bond and how it improves the overall quality of life. The organization also focuses on therapy dogs working in various settings from: rehabilitation, hospice, prison, and schools to name a few.

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