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City Files Lawsuit Against FTA
By Katherine Noland
Feb 16, 2013 - 2:11:48 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—On Friday, February 15, the city of Beverly Hills filed a lawsuit in federal court to block funding for Metro’s planned extension route that would tunnel under Beverly Hills High School.


The lawsuit against the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) alleges that making the Westside Subway Extension eligible for federal funding violates the National Environmental Police Act (NEPA) and other related laws. While a supporter of the Westside Subway Extension, the city strongly opposes this route to Century City that tunnels underneath the high school, as they believe there has not been enough scientific research done to build the route.


The city claims that Metro is relying its decision to go forward with the extension that tunnels under the school on a flawed environmental impact statement and approval process. The city is asking to withhold funding until an adequate environmental impact statement can be made.


At public hearing held on May 17, 2012, experts voiced their doubts about the science behind Metro’s plan, and a video testimony by a consulting geologist was made.


Dr. Roy J. Shiemon, PHD, argues that there needs to be a “site specific investigation” at the Constellation station. He explained in the video that trenching would need to occur, along with proper documentation of exposures. Geologists need to investigate whether there are faults present, and how old these faults are, indicating the last time of surface ground rupture.


“The geological work,” he stated, “plus the engineering, of course, should meet all standards of practice”¦. to ensure public health and safety.”


Beverly Hills Unified School District has filed a similar lawsuit against FTA, and both suits will be reviewed this year.

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