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City Of Beverly Hills Discusses Holiday Ice Rink
By Katherine Noland
Nov 6, 2012 - 2:49:59 PM


BEVERLY HILLS—This Thursday, November 8, The Beverly Hills City Council will be holding a meeting to discuss the proposal of building a holiday ice-skating rink at Beverly Gardens Park.


The purpose of the meeting is to inform surrounding neighbors of the park and the citizens of Beverly Hills about how the rink will impact those living near it and the city of Beverly Hills as a whole. It is anticipated that the music, traffic, generator, etc. will have an inevitable effect on nearby residents; however, the city will do what they can to mitigate such outcomes. The city plans to install the rink in front of the Beverly Hills sign on Santa Monica Boulevard between Beverly Boulevard and Canyon.



Because of the high cost of running a traditional rink, Recreation Services Manager Brad Meyerowitz recommended a hybrid rink which would render no electricity and would not require cooler temperatures. To cut costs, the city plans to only hire city staff and security to oversee it instead of hiring an outside contracting source. Whether or not a hybrid rink will be installed has yet to be determined. In August, the initial plans were to have the rink be open from November 20 to November 28 and December 17-January 9.


Council members Barry Brucker and Lili Bosse will be attending the meeting along with the City of Beverly Hills staff and the Conference & Visitors Bureau. Back in August, Bosse stated, “I am very excited about it. It’s a great way to start the holidays in Beverly Hills."

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