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Civil Rights Lawsuit Against BHPD Allowed
By Kyle Maloney
Apr 23, 2013 - 1:54:46 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—A 59-year-old widower, Gary Klein, has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Beverly Hills Police Department and a federal judge is allowing the case to proceed.

According to reports, Klein charged the BHPD detectives with harassment after repeatedly implying that he killed his wife, Rina, 41, who died in the hospital after a series of seizures in 2009. Investigators continually searched his home and interviewed his family and the parents of his sons’ classmates.

A federal judge will hear the civil rights case.
Klein’s wife was on several medications for depression, anxiety and narcolepsy at the time of her death. Autopsy results cited that the cause of death was lupus, an autoimmune disease.

Referring to him as “Jekyll and Hyde,” Rina Klein previously told her family that she feared her husband might kill her.

Klein says that his in-laws elicited the investigation against him and used it in litigation of his deceased wife’s property along with visitation rights with his children.

Beverly Hills argued that the case should be either thrown out or put on hold while police investigation continues. 

U.S. District Judge John F. Walter refused the claim, stating, “Defendants fail to identify any specific actions that they have taken to further the investigation since 2011, or identify any actions that they believe are necessary to complete their investigation.”

According to Beverly Hills police, Klein remains a suspect in his wife’s death, however no charges have been set against him. Klein’s attorney, Jeffrey Wilens, said that he believes the evidence will expose inaccurate or misleading information given by detectives in order to acquire search warrants.

Police have since exhumed Rina Klein’s body for a second autopsy and a source says the cause of death has been changed from lupus to “undetermined.”

Daniel K. Spradlin, the attorney representing the BHPD, could not be contacted for an interview.

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