Beverly Hills News
Construction Of Retractable Bollards Underway
By Chet Kincaid
Jul 24, 2013 - 8:07:32 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—During the week of August 5, the installation of retractable street bollards will occur on Crescent Drive. The project, which is to be completed by the first week of September, will involve a diversion of traffic on Crescent Drive.

During this time frame, Crescent Drive will be closed, but public access will be allowed to the Crescent Drive parking garage. Traffic will be diverted to Rexford or Canon Drives. Businesses will operate as usual despite the daytime construction hours.

Frontal view of City Hall on Crescent Drive, where retractable bollards will be placed.

"Well the idea is that there are going to be occasional events where they are going to want to shut down Crescent Drive between North and South Santa Monica Boulevard. Rather than bringing in the portable bollards which are these big unwieldy objects, they will just be able to raise these elegant looking bollards. It will be a quick and simple way to close down the street," said Therese Kosterman to Canyon News.

The stainless steel Crescent Drive bollards will be embellished with the Beverly Hills shield logo. The bollards' function will be to close off one block of North Crescent Drive in front of City Hall during special events.

When asked by Canyon News about the installation of other street bollards throughout the city, Kosterman indicated that she was not aware of any others.

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