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Vice Mayor Announces Run For Re-Election
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Jan 16, 2013 - 7:13:25 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—On Sunday, January 13 Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John Mirisch presented to the public his re-election offer. During his speech, Mirisch highlighted his efforts in promoting City Hall to be more attentive to the needs of the residents of Beverly Hills, as well as reforming city pensions. He is one of six council candidates running for three seats for the March 5, 2013 election.


Mirisch indicated the five main points of focus for his campaign:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Fair pensions for both employees and the people in public.
  • Support for City Schools: He’s proposing financial support for the schools in Beverly Hills.
  • Transparency and Ethics: He’s proposed several measures for transparency, which have not been approved. Mirisch still believes he can work to get them approved.
  • Improving Infrastructure: In the Southeast, also promoting more “walkability” and “bikability” in the city.
  • Honoring the Past: The Cultural Heritage Commission is an example, which was rejected two years ago, when it was initially proposed.

Gerald Lunn, the former Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education member, commended Mirisch on his efforts to change the custom of giving employees lifetime pensions of 75 percent at minimum of their highest salary per annum. Lunn believes Mirisch’s re-election is essential to prevent residents from suffering from budget cuts when the pension obligations peak in 10 to 20 years.

In additional support to Mirisch’s campaign, Brian Goldberg and Lisa Korbatov (Board of Education members) spoke in support of him. Noah Margo, Board Vice President supported him as well.

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