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Dennis Hopper's Son Accused Of Rape
By Katherine Noland
Jan 8, 2013 - 10:55:04 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Henry Hopper, son of late actor Dennis Hopper, is being accused of raping a 15-year-old girl after the alleged victim and her mother came forward at a news conference in Beverly Hills.

Henry Hopper ( Courtesy Facebook)

According to the now 17-year-old victim, who remains as Jane Doe on police reports, the two met on Facebook through a mutual friend in Feb. 2011 when she was 15. After months of talking online, Hopper, who was 20 at the time, invited the girl over to his house in Venice where he allegedly fed her alcohol and drugs and pursued sexual activity with her despite conscious will.

According to the lawsuit against hopper, filed in August 2012, he performed intercourse, forced copulation, and sodomy after supplying her with drugs and alcohol that muddled her judgment and compliance. The lawsuit claims, “[Hooper] preyed upon a young impressionable child, suggesting that he cared for her, luring her into his home with promises of alcohol and illegal drugs, and then repeatedly taking advantage of her youth [and] vulnerability.”

According to Doe’s attorney Jeffrey Herman, the same lawyer in the case against “Sesame Street” puppeteer Kevin Clash, Doe’s mother has pursued a lawsuit against Hopper in order to shed light on this kind of issue that is prevalent in the entertainment industry. She is hoping to ensure safety of other young females and that other girls will come forward.

The girl, an aspiring model, claims that there were multiple attacks, nearly 7 or 8, over a span of several months after the first attack on April 21, 2011.  According to the alleged victim’s mother, the girl’s emotional, mental, and physical health suffered in the months following the claimed rapes. She ran away from home, attempted suicide, was hospitalized for mental problems and substance abuse, and her grades dropped significantly.

The accused’s father Dennis Hopper died in 2010 at age 74 from prostate cancer. He was best known for his roles in “Apocalypse Now,” Speed,” “Easy Rider,” and “Blue Velvet.” While Henry Hopper’s career is at its beginning, the 21-year-old actor’s biggest role yet was in Gus Van Sant’s British American Drama “Restless,” which released in September 2011. At 14, he took acting classes at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and later studied painting and sculpture at the California Institute of the Arts where he dropped out at 18 and went to Berlin, Germany where he lived in an artist’s collective.

Hopper denied allegations on Monday, January 7 through his lawyer Joe Mannis.

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