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Drinking Water Still Safe Despite Bacteria
By Carmen Herrera
Mar 13, 2013 - 1:13:53 AM

BEVERLY HILLSSample results from tests done on Beverly Hills drinking water showed that residue of harmless coliform bacteria was found back in December.

State law requires that the city inform residents about the bacteria found in drinking water primarily for people with certain health problems, however, it was not until March 6 that the city was aware of this rule.
Department of Public Works.

By California law, only five percent or less of bacteria must be present in drinking water before it becomes a concern for the community. In the case with the sampling done in December, traces of 6.82 percent were found in the drinking water. Now that the city is aware of this rule, residents are being notified through various mediums.

According to public information manager Therese Kosterman, the climate during the sampling may have indicated the small traces found in the water. “The City is confident that the Beverly Hills water supply is very safe and the coliform most likely was introduced into the water samples because of stormy weather conditions during the testing,” said Kosterman.

It is common for minimum amounts of coliform bacteria to be found in the water, though it is not entirely dangerous. Currently, the residents of Beverly Hills are encouraged to purchase and drink the local water as it is fine and results from tests conducted after December showed negative signs of any bacteria.

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