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Enriching Lives Through Law
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Sep 20, 2012 - 1:53:22 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—At the Law Office of Karen S. Brown, Karen dedicates countless hours to the practice of Family Law in order to improve the lives of those who seek her assistance.

Karen provides her services for a multitude of situations and has a sense of diversity in her clientele by providing for "self-employed professionals, executives, and business owners to salaried employees, artists, entertainers, homemakers, grandparents and civic employees. Same sex relationships are also represented in the newer ground-breaking areas of the law," states the law office's website.
Karen S. Brown

It is Karen's natural charisma and ability to engage with each client that makes her successful in an otherwise difficult arena. "The cases I deal with are very much evidence driven and so I sit down and strategize with a client and make them do a lot of legwork," said Karen. She meets clients at various locations where they feel most safe and at various times. She does not have a clock-in and clock-out time, therefore, she remains flexible in order to grant each client's full satisfaction.

Each case requires a fair amount of background information and it can take some time to collect it all. Unlike many other practices, Karen does not take on more cases than she can handle. Thus, she is able to provide intricate detail which proves to be beneficial in court.

Karen has been an attorney for over 37 years and has enjoyed every moment of it, despite its ups and downs. She enjoys the fact that she is making a difference in people's lives and giving them the opportunity to be happy. "I was a 60's child. We believed in fighting for civil rights and we were socially motivated to make a difference," she said.

However, the concept of Family Law didn't always appeal to her. When she first started out as an attorney at the young age of 23, Karen didn't want to dedicate herself into the work of Family Law where the drama was incredibly intimidating. "I didn't know enough about life then," she said. "Now, I can draw from all kinds of life experience to help my clients. It's just not the same if you’re fighting over monetary issues versus helping the family as a whole.” 

The young Karen's perspective on Family Law was correct in that it is not meant for those of the faint of heart as the serenity of people’s lives often depends on the court’s rulings, not their own choices. Karen also sometimes finds herself affected by her cases, but has learned out how to appropriately handle her emotions.

"I'm a trained professional so I can maintain that bubble to deal with things coolly. One of my goals is to help men and women who are victimized to develop their sense of self empowerment and to help contribute to their personal growth. A sense of humor helps them to cope with their experiences. Many times I guided my clients into counseling to cope with the divorce. If it is a long process, therapy contributes to notable progress."

Karen has been dealing exclusively with Family Law for over 12 years and has yet to grow tired of it. "I'm suited for this field; I enjoy seeing the results of my efforts as they have a healing effect," she said.

To learn more information about Karen's practice, go to her website at To get a free consultation call (310) 300-4051.


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