Beverly Hills News
First Annual PickleFest
By Shelby Stiner
Aug 3, 2013 - 11:02:53 AM


BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market will celebrate its 19th anniversary in a unique way, with its first ever pickle festival. 

The first annual PickleFest will host a series of events including the centerpiece event, a curated pickle contest. The contest will have two categories: Best Dill Pickle in Beverly Hills and “I Can Pickle That!” where contestants can pickle any type of California grown produce.

The contestants will be judged by a panel of distinguished and celebrity food judges and the winners of the contest will be awarded $200, $100 or $50 gift cards to Nate ”˜N Al, a Beverly Hills deli and the sponsors for the celebration.

There are also events the whole family can enjoy including pickle crafting with kids, a pickle toss to win free pickles, pony rides and a petting zoo.

The festival will be held on August 4 at 9:00 a.m on 9300 Civic Center Drive. Festival admission is free.

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