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Gas Prices Rise In October
By Cassie Day
Oct 5, 2012 - 12:50:39 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—September was looking hopeful for Southern California drivers as summer was ending and residents were eagerly anticipating that dropping gas prices would accompany it. And while gas prices were on the decline in September, at the most $4.15/gal; ufortunately, October is bringing a brand new wave of soaring gas prices.



According to, as of Monday, October 1 gas prices have continued to rise drastically shooting up from $4.16/gal to nearly $4.50/gal. Perhaps it’s time that the feud with gas prices ends, with alternative fuel vehicles looking more desirable than ever.


Hybrid cars run on electric batteries and little gasoline, making commuting easier on the consumers’ wallet. Hybrids are available in all different car types such as Sedans, SUVs, Lexus, Prius, pickups, and coupes.


As of Thursday, October 4, gas prices in Beverly Hills were looking steep as it was recorded at the 76 on 427 N. Crescent Drive and S. Santa Monica Boulevard that the price of gasoline was $5.19/gal.


Prices are lower by ten cents at the Mobil on Wilshire Blvd and N. Stanley Drive. Gas by the gallon is $4.75 at the 76 on Wilshire Blvd and Merv Griffin Way. The cheapest recorded price was at the shell located on 391 S. Robertson Blvd and W. Olympic Blvd at $4.39/gal.


Be smart; look for cheaper gas prices to help economize.


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