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New Community Center In Beverly Hills
By Sebastian Sarti
May 30, 2013 - 12:37:08 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—During the May 7 formal meeting, the Beverly Hills City Council accepted bids for a Roxbury Park Community Center. The approval allowed for construction to begin on May 15.
Plans for Project

The plan will update the current Roxbury facilities which were developed in the 1950s. The facilities have been occasionally remodeled and updated, but the last time a remodel occurred was in the 1980s. Although the plan will interrupt activities that occur in the main building, all other parts of the park will remain open throughout construction.

There were many proposed upgrades for the building including: building new parking areas, a new community center, and improved landscaping. The settled upon community center plans will incorporate a small separate library, kitchen facilities and meeting rooms. Roxbury classes will be occurring at other Beverly Hills facilities.

Construction for the community center is expected to last approximately one year. Currently, the plan is expected to cost $10.16 million, representing over $1 million in savings when compared to the original estimates.

The new center is imagined to be very glass heavy in its construction so as to effectively incorporate the outdoors into the interior of the building. It will also include solar panels to increase sustainability.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Roxbury Park Community Center will occur on Tuesday, June 4, from 2 -2:30 p.m.

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