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President Of BHEF Steps Down
By Nashfa Hawwa
Jul 4, 2013 - 1:18:21 PM

BEVERLY HILLSAnnette Saleh, President of three years for the Beverly Hills Education Foundation, has passed on the position to Ronit Stone on Tuesday, July 2, at the Beverly Hills Education foundation board meeting. Tom Okum, the newly elected Vice President will be assisting Stone, along with Nadine Neiman as Secretary, and Eddie Rabin as Treasurer.
Annette Saleh

Saleh is the first person in the history of the Beverly Hills Education (BHEF) Foundation to have to have held the position of the chairman as well as the President for three consecutive years.

In 2007, Saleh was elected as the president of the Parent-Teacher Association, the same year that BHEF successfully integrated the PTA’s into the foundation. She was invited on the board then as the acting president of the PTA, and since then, her outstanding commitment to the improvement of the schools in Beverly Hills, as well as dedication to the progress of the board got her nominated for president more than once.

Saleh first got involved in the education system of Beverly Hills when she was asked by her son Anton’s kindergarten teacher to be a room parent. It was Anton’s teacher that recommended Saleh to join the PTA executive board, and she has been involved since.

Saleh has held various positions in the PTA's of two Beverly Hills Schools. She was the PTA President of Hawthorne School, Vice President of Public Relations of the Beverly Hills High School PTSA and the Vice President of Special Events at Hawthorne School. She is also the Vice President of Public Relations for the Beverly Hills PTA Council and serves on the board for the non-profit organization, Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library. She is also a dedicated member of the Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Women's Club.

Saleh has lived in Beverly Hills for more than 25 years. She is originally from Manila, Philippines, and came to the United States in 1984 to pursue her graduate studies.

Prior to coming to the United States, Saleh held a distinguished career as the Public Relations Director for a prestigious retail corporation. Saleh's career in Beverly Hills has mostly been related to Public Relations and non-profit.

She plans on visiting her son Anton in North Carolina, who will be attending Duke University in the Fall. She also has a trip to the Philippines planned with her husband Mark. Despite her moving forward from the duties of President from the BHEF, Saleh will still be involved within the community. She is still the co-chair for the youth art contest, the centennial concert gala and the inaugural postage stamp committees. She claims that she will help with the BHEF regardless of whether she is on the the board or not. "I'll always help because that's in my heart. My soul is in it, it's a commitment I made, it's a promise that I made," said Saleh.

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