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Prominent Figures Recognized At S.E.T. Awards.
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Nov 21, 2012 - 11:47:01 PM

—The second annual S.E.T. (Science Engineering and Technology) Awards were held at The Beverly Hills Crystal Ballroom on Thursday, November 15. While the AR Drone 2.0 helicopter played the role of host to the event, the person in charge of speaking behind curtains was Jay Thomas. Another well-know personality at the event was Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Nye stressed the important role of science, engineering and technology in current times. He also explained the role people would have to take as we see developments in energy systems like micro-bubbles from the ocean, which are about 1/1000th of a millimeter and may be able to mirror light and support energy in a way that is not currently visible.


A part of the gala focused on film, television shows and documentaries that had scientific substance in them. The event paid tribute to "NCIS" David McCallum (S.E.T Scientist Award), "The Avengers" (S.E.T Engineer Award), Bob Gurr (Leadership and Inspiration), Alexander Singer (S.E.T. Icon Award) and "Person of Interest" season one (S.E.T. Technology Award). There were additional awards given to other recipients at the event as well.


The appearance of Dolph Lundgren better known as Mr. Ivan Drago from "Rocky" and "The Expendables" was also a part of the evening’s award ceremony. Lundgren received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Institute of Sidney, Australia in chemical engineering. He later received a Fulbright Scholarship for his PhD at M.I.T., but traded for acting in New York City.



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