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Renowned Sushi Restaurant Under Scrutiny
By Ewing Carter
Jul 23, 2013 - 5:34:30 PM

Hiroyuki Urasawa preparing meat
—Questions have risen regarding the renowned sushi restaurant, Urasawa, after allegations that the owner has been underpaying his employees. The California Labor Department and former employees of Urasawa verified workers at the restaurant have been denied over-time pay and breaks while working their shifts.


The owner, Hiroyuki Urasawa is now in the middle of both civil and state claims that he withheld tens of thousands of dollars of pay from his workers.


Heriberto Zamora, who has worked at Urasawa for more than five years, filed for back pay against Hiroyuki for his injustices against him and the other workers at the restaurant. Zamora explained that he would often work 60 hours a week, while only being paid $11.50 an hour. He was fired after he asked to go home after falling ill at work by owner Hiroyuki Urasawa.


Allegations of mistreatment have run rampant among workers at the restaurant, which has even sparked protest by the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance. Urasawa has not seen a decline in business, as it was recently named the 2nd best food spot in Beverly Hills this year by Jonathan Gold, a food critic for the Los Angeles Times.

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