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Revere Jewels: Jewelry Buyer Of Beverly Hills
By LaDale Anderson
Oct 10, 2012 - 11:47:27 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Revere Jewels for more than 25 years has been the premier jewelry buyer in Beverly Hills offering customers the best value for their pieces and the most bang for their buck. The company specializes in diamond jewelry, but also buys watches, gold, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, precious metals and precious stones. The staff at Revere Jewels is polite, honest, respectful, appreciative and prides themselves on educating the customer.  Canyon News had the pleasure of speaking with the company’s owner Steve Revere about the business. Steve has worked with some of the biggest buyers in the nation.
Revere Jewels location


Beverly Hills is our corporate office, but we do have offices across the country including Dallas, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, not under the name Revere Jewels, but they do buy from us,” said Steve.  He got his start with the company because his family is heavily involved in the industry.  He mentioned that his brother designs jewelry.


Steve wants the consumer to understand that their Beverly Hills office will provide them with the utmost satisfaction; there is never a pressure to sell. Revere Jewels will place the item into their inventory and wait to sell.  Steve informed Canyon News, “There is no embarrassment or shame when visiting our company as it’s an office setting.  The customer feels a level of comfort coming into our place of business.”  


Because of the company’s large clientele base worldwide, certain clients prefer higher quality items, which allow Revere Jewels to pay the customer more money for their pieces. “We have investors that buy exclusive pieces” said Steve.  The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. “It’s important to know what you have before selling it.  Don’t be shy to call us. People never know what its worth until they contact us,” added Steve.  He explained that people should never think they’re getting rid of something, they’re selling it. 


When asked the history behind the company’s name Steve responded, “It’s synonymous with appreciating.  Pawn shops and retailers don’t appreciate what the customer spends; with us nothing is too expensive or too cheap.” He explained there has been a trend of jewelry stores and pawn shops buying back from the customers. When the person who sold the item wants to buy it back, the customer loses.


Customers can receive free appraisals, and receive quotes for appreciation of what jewelry is worth compared to what was spent. Revere Jewels provide private and free consultations on the item being sold and give high offers on diamonds and gold, as they just recently implemented gold buying.  When asked by Canyon News what feeling he wants his customers to have when they leave their office Steve responded, “They’ve maximized and achieved the most money for jewelry and diamonds.  We provide money on the spot and the best value.”


Revere Jewels specializes in buying from the public and they pay out more cash to the consumer.  If you want to know more about the company or if you are looking to sell your gold, diamonds, jewelry or other items call 310-775-2025 or visit online at  You can also email or stop by their office located at 141 El Camino Drive Suite #200 in Beverly Hills.

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