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Skip The Gym With Parker-Brooks Fitness
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Feb 20, 2014 - 11:45:08 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—The process of going to the gym can bring anxiety to people for all the wrong reasons. Many are not sure which machines can benefit them the most, therefore, end up wasting their time doing exercises that will not lead to the results they want. Parker-Brooks Fitness takes the pressure and confusion out of exercise by bringing the gym to client’s homes.


“While I was still training clients at commercial gyms, I started to question the necessity of the gym as a training location,” said Marko Paavolainen. “We were surrounded by literally tons of exercise machinery, yet helping my clients to reach their fitness goals required only few pieces of exercise equipment and proper guidance.”

Parker-Brooks Fitness works one-on-one with their clients.


Exercise sessions can be structured around the client's schedule with minimal equipment necessary depending on the fitness program. Trainers will provide the required exercise equipment and training can take place in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as at the park, a hiking trail or the beach.


Through Parker-Brooks Fitness, clients choose a fitness program that will benefit them as an individual and will place them on the right track for a healthy body. Popular programs provide noticeable results in an average of three to four months depending on various factors. These programs include maximum lean tissue in four months, faster and stronger every way, body part specific and start and keep moving. Qualified trainers will assist clients to reach their intended goals in a stress-free and healthy manner.


All programs being with physiological assessments, on-going re-strength improvement exercises in addition to nutritional and healthier lifestyle guidance.


"A fitness program puts the client on the right track right away,” said Paavolainen. “With personal trainer's guidance, the client will learn the correct use of equipment, proper exercise techniques and receive help with questions regarding other areas of healthier lifestyle, i.e. nutrition."


Each personal trainer is certified from a widely recognized fitness organization with a minimum of five years experience and an excellent knowledge of the Los Angeles area. There are trainers of all ages which allow clients the option to work with someone more close to their own age.


Parker-Brooks Fitness provides its services in the Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. For more information, visit or call (310) 499-1479.

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