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Theatre 40 Presents Tanglin' Hearts
By Alice Perez
Jul 19, 2013 - 7:15:13 PM

Theatrical scene in "Tanglin Hearts"

BEVERLY HILLS—For nearly half a century, Theatre 40 has reigned as ”˜Beverly Hills’ Award Winning Professional Theatre Company, showcasing the best of the best in theatrical performances, such as this summers’ “Tanglin’ Hearts.”


 From July 25 through August 25, come to the 100 seat venue at The Reuben Cordova Theatre and get out those cowboy boots and spurs for this year’s summer hit, “Tanglin’ Hearts,” a country western spin off from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” Every Thursday through Saturday Evenings at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m., with ticket prices from $24 to $26.


According to the play description: “Ben Fredericks, a greedy businessman, wants to establish a resort called Benworld, a place for good ol' boys with unrestricted hunting and fishing and a big honky tonk where cowboys can find loose fillies to ride. He also wants to build a toxic waste dump right behind it. His brother, Duke Fredericks, is a very different kind of good ol' boy. A Texan in love with the land. As he sings, Wander the wilderness here and you'll find/ That Texas'll touch you and tug on your mind." So naturally, Ben tries to kill him by sabotaging his plane. The womenfolk in town have agendas, too, whether it's succeeding at singing country-style, or captivating the men of their choice. As they sing: A real Texas woman's your wildest desire/ Her warm heart's as big as the sky, but beware/ She's smart as a whip underneath her big hair. There are two opposing camps: Texans who want to preserve the piece of paradise they call home vs. greedy despoilers who will resort to any foul tactic in the interests of power and greed. Who will win? This being Texas, there's plenty of toe-tapping country music and cowboys and cowgirls falling in love. To foil Ben's plans, a couple of the ladies assume disguises, during which time they can test the fidelity of their men. Will the fellows pass their scrutiny? Will good triumph over evil? Will true love prevail?”


Saddle up and come to opening night on July 25 and enjoy a night of the best of the west and much more at The Reuben Cordova Theatre at 241 Moreno Drive. For more information you can call (310) 364-0535.

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