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Trayvon Martin Protest In Beverly Hills
By Shelby Stiner
Jul 18, 2013 - 1:56:34 PM

—Traffic in Beverly Hills was disrupted as people poured into the streets to protest against the George Zimmerman acquittal on Wednesday, July 17.

The demonstration was put on by a multi-cultural group called Justice for Trayvon Martin- Los Angeles or J4tmla.

On their Facebook page, the group says they call on local and national governments to end the practice of racial profiling that “leads to the killing and imprisonment of black bodies.”

“We are tired of being seen as second class citizens with no protection available to us,” said Patrisse Cullors, organizer with J4tmla.

About one hundred protestors rallied at La Cienega Park and marched down Wilshire Boulevard to the 2 Rodeo shopping center, holding signs that read “We Are All Trayvon” and “Sin Justicia No Hay Paz” which means “Without justice there is no peace.”

While occupying the steps of the shopping center, protestors asked for people dining in nearby restaurants to take a moment of silence for the fallen Trayvon.

“Put your champagne glasses down and bow your heads for a minute,” they said.

The protest did muddle rush-hour traffic on Los Angeles’ Westside, but according to Beverly Hills police, the protestors did not cause any other problems in the community and remained peaceful.

The group has posted their list of demands on their Facebook page which includes federal charges against George Zimmerman; a pardon for Marissa Alexander, a Floridian woman who was sentenced to twenty years for shooting warning shots into the ceiling at her abusive husband; put and end to gang injunctions and databases and other demands to end racial profiling.

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