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City Council Approves Bike Lanes
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Nov 15, 2012 - 11:36:06 PM

BEVERLY HILLS— On Tuesday, November 13, the city council voted 5-0 toward building a bicycle lane on Burton Way. The bike lane would start on North Crescent Drive from Sunset Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard.

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The lane on North Crescent Drive will be extended from Sunset Boulevard to Park Way, with a route from Park Way to Wilshire Boulevard as well. The estimated cost of the project will be between $65,000 to $80,000 and it includes removal and new lane striping, signage, bicycle markings and posts. The current cost of planning, design and public outreach has been of $20,000.


The city communications department is said to be working with Westside Cities Council of Governments in educating the public on techniques for safe commuting. It will help both bike riders and car drivers to better use the roads and prevent accidents.

According to a report, there is a grant from AB-2766 Air Quality Management District of about $200,000. This funding would be available for the lane program as well as a bicycle-parking program. The estimate cost of the first launch of bicycle racks from the bicycle-parking program will be of around $12,500 and $37,000. This cost is also subject to change depending on the material that is selected and custom branding.

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