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Burglaries Move South Of San Vicente Blvd.
By Daniel Antolin
Dec 28, 2011 - 5:09:07 PM

Brentwood marker sign. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
BRENTWOODBetween December 18-24, there was an increase in the number of incidents reported to police involving Brentwood property being burglarized. In fact, burglaries have steadily increased in frequency per week since December began. The number went from four to seven per week, the most recent crime data indicates.

Burglary incidents reported since December 5 have occurred primarily north of San Vicente Boulevard, but have now become concentrated south of this street near the Brentwood County Club. And as the month progressed, they started shifting from happening during normal business hours to a period spanning the late evening to the early morning hours.

Police have received 15 reports in total in December about suspects who have or attempted to burglarized property. In November, the number of reports was 26. This means that the total number of burglaries reported in December have matched the most recent weekly average, which was 15 property crimes per week in the last three months. Though this remains higher than in nearby Bel Air, Westwood, Pacific Palisades and Sherman Oaks, a Los Angeles Times crime alert indicates.

Most of these burglary incidents involved unknown suspects breaking into the property they targeted by either cutting locks, smashing windows or prying open doors. They were unsuccessful in two such attempts despite their prying efforts. The rest of the incidents involved suspects trying to gain entry to locations by taking advantage of open doors, windows, or unsecured work sites. In one such incident, a suspect was arrested after walking into an unopened door and encountering the intended victim.

Property targeted has included bicycles, an iPod and iPad, laptops, tools, clothes, cash and jewelry. Christmas gifts were taken during the afternoon of December 14 from private property at 1000 Wellesley Avenue, which in addition to North Rockingham and South Barrington avenues are street blocks hit more than once in December.

Suspects also broke into vehicles during the late night of December 21 that were parked in
a Wellesley Avenue alley and in a carport on South Barrington Avenue to take clothes, an iPod and an iPhone.

"Lock your doors, garage doors, and windows. Check all doors and window locks, verify they are working," West Los Angeles Senior Lead Officer Phillip L. Enbody advises.

"Set your alarm. Check your house alarm regularly. Ensure the alarm has proper coverage. Check or install a house security camera system. Keep your property well-lit during the evening and early morning hours," Enbody said.

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