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Euripides”™ "Helen" Showing At The Getty Villa
By Ryan J. Beard
Aug 29, 2012 - 7:06:55 PM

BRENTWOOD—This month, the Getty Museum and Playwrights’ Arena announced in a press release the cast for Euripides’ "Helen" showing during the seventh annual outdoor theatrical production in the Getty Villa’s Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater.

Euripides’ "Helen" presents a classic twist on the Legend of Helen of Troy.  In Euripides’ version, Helen is tricked by the gods into never traveling to Troy at all. Instead, a ghost double replaces her before the Trojan prince Paris can kidnap her. While war wages on, the real Queen Helen safely waits far away on the Island of Pharos. Seventeen years later, the now middle-aged queen awaits rescue and liberation from the island by her husband Menelaos. However, when she hears that Menelaos is dead, Helen is forced to take charge of the situation.

The play features Rachel Sorsa as Helen and Maxwell Caulfield as Menelaos. Rachel Sorsa is an award winning actress and singer who’s stage credits include Del Shores’ "Yellow," "Angel Street," "Twentieth Century," and James Still’s "Searching for Eden: The Diaries of Adam and Eve." She currently can be seen in Del Shore’s film "Blues for Willadean." 

Maxwell Caulfield was on Broadway in the renowned "Chicago," along with "An Inspector Calls.Caulfield’s off-Broadway credits include "Entertaining Mr. Sloane," "Class Enemy," "My Deah," and "Tryst." Within film and television, his credits include "Grease 2," "The Boys Next Door," "Empire Records," "Gettysburg," "The Colbys," and "Dynasty."

Director Jon Lawrence Rivera stated, "We are especially blessed to have two featured actors—Rachel Sorsa and Maxwell Caulfield, our Helen and Menelaos—who are as witty and complex as the characters Euripides presents in this remarkable play. I expect that Nick Salamone’s wonderful adaptation will prove a revelation to theater-goers who thought they 'knew' Euripides—he never ceases to surprise us."

“The Getty Villa’s annual outdoor theater production is part of a year-round innovative theater program that enhances the museum visitor's experience of the ancient world,” stated the J. Paul Getty Museum in a press release.

Euripides’ "Helen" will be on stage September 6 through 29 at 8:00 p.m.  Full priced tickets are $42; student and senior tickets are $38. Tickets and more information are available at

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