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Halstrom Academy Opens Brentwood Campus
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Sep 22, 2013 - 5:42:02 AM

BRENTWOOD—Halstrom Academy has been molding children's education since 1985 with its one-to-one teaching model that has helped lead over 16,000 students in grades 6 to 12 to a more successful future.

"Graduating high school and planning for a prosperous future is a hope nearly every parent has for a child," said Ade Ayinde, Los Angeles County Regional Director. "However, some families who aspire for a quality education find their child's unique circumstances make the traditional classroom model less than ideal, and for a few, nearly impossible. That's where Halstrom comes in."

Halstrom Academy opened its eighth Southern California campus in Brentwood this month and also celebrated a Back-to-School event on Saturday, September 14. Students from LA Gymnastics, Da Vinci Design and the Brentwood Academy of Dance presented their talents through live performances and creating live paintings. Autistic author Grady Brown also appeared at the event for a book signing of his science fiction/superhero series "Young Guardians."

Due to its flexible schedules and nurturing learning environment, Halstrom Academy helps those students who cannot rise up to their full potential in regular cookie-cutter school systems. Jack Smith, a student at Halstrom Academy, struggled focusing in regular classrooms. Despite his parents' attempts, Smith could not find a learning experience that catered to his needs. It wasn't until Smith began taking classes at Halstrom Academy that his parents saw a true shift in both his attitude towards learning and his ability to understand his coursework.

"I like the one-to-one teaching at Halstrom, and I like that I can get all the help I need," said Smith. "Before coming to Halstrom I used to hate all of my subjects. At Halstrom the teachers have changed everything for me. Now I like all of my classes and really enjoy going to school."

Halstrom is particularly beneficial to students who are professional actors, athletes, musicians or
students who wish to supplement or fast track their traditional curriculum as well as for those who have difficulties such as ADHD and social anxiety.

Halstrom Academy students receive one-on-one classes to enhance their learning experience.
The academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) with 140 courses including 18 AP courses, 91 U.C./C.S.U. certified courses and 96 NCAA approved courses. Full-time students spend five hours a week one-on-one with a highly qualified teacher with 15 to 20 hours of homework assigned outside of class each week.

All full-time students are equipped with an iPad 2, interactive e-books and teaching apps that allow two-way communication with Halstrom teachers. In addition, Halstrom provides its students with a college and career planning program, which assists students in choosing their paths outside of high school.

Students may apply at anytime in the year and courses are offered year-round in eight locations including Anaheim Hills, Brentwood, Carlsbad, Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach, Mission Viejo, San Diego and Woodland Hills. Halstrom also offers an online program through the use of webcam. For more information, visit

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