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Make Way, Dusty Bookshelves!
By Amber Adelmann
Apr 22, 2012 - 7:06:58 PM

Diesel, A Bookstore, kicks off the reading celebration with some sweet treats.

BRENTWOODIn the Brentwood Country Mart, tucked between some quaint and welcoming shops and eateries, Diesel, A Bookstore, had its doors wide open to people near and far, for a pre-event pick-up party on Monday. The event it precedes is called World Book Night, where volunteers will go out on April 23 to a public place and hand out their pre-ordered, free books to hungry readers throughout the U.S., UK, and Ireland.


Along with Diesel's Malibu location and other various pick-up spots, people came to pick up a box of 20 specially produced and hand-selected books, and to top it off, they gave out cherry pie to all who walked through the open barn doors. This is just one of the myriad of events the book shop hosts regularly, including book signings, discussions, and parties.


Support has been generously given to the importance of reading by various benefactors including publisher and trade sponsors, and printer and paper suppliers. The big giveaway could not have been possible without them, as volunteers were able to order a set of books free of charge, and will then in turn hand out the books free of charge to the public.


Cameron Carlson, 25, has worked at the Brentwood location for a year and a half. At the pick-up party, he mused, "I think it's a good thing. Last year it took place in the UK. It was successful, so they wanted to expand."

From its inception last year, World Book Night is expected to continue as an annual event, along with World Book Day on April 23 in the UK and Ireland, which is a similar event headed by UNESCO, and focuses on children's books. On this date in 1616, that both Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died. In Spain, the aforementioned literary greats are remembered by the passing out of books and flowers to others.


With the prospect of keeping both children and adults interested in the value of reading, Diesel supports this worldwide event and is hard at work to keep books alive for everyone from hard back devotees to e-book junkies. As their website states, "World Book Night, through social media and traditional publicity, [promotes] the value of reading, of printed books, and of bookstores and libraries to everyone year-round."

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