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Mandeville Canyon Road Humps Ruled Out
By Daniel Antolin
Dec 9, 2011 - 12:44:29 AM

Mandeville Canyon and Westridge roads. Photo courtesy of MCA.
BRENTWOOD—On Wednesday, December 7, the Los Angeles Public Works Committee approved a motion for consent by the L.A. City Council, the details of which signal the end of a longstanding dispute between residents of upper and lower Mandeville Canyon over speed humps.

If passed by the council at a later date, the motion would mandate that the Bureau of Street Services not reinstall speed humps on Mandeville Canyon Road, the sole street in and out of the canyon, that were paved over within the last six years. One hump was located between Oakmont Drive and Boca de Canon Lane, and the other between Boca de Canon and Kimberly Lane.

They were built by the city about 10 years ago at the bequest of residents living in lower portions of the canyon who were concerned about drivers speeding through the area. Upper canyon residents claimed speeding was not an issue on the five-mile road, and that the humps would impede emergency vehicles from entering the neighborhood during fires. Honking in protest of these humps was met by vehicle and physical altercations.

After the speed humps were paved over, the Upper Mandeville Canyon Association (UPMCA), the Mandeville Canyon Association (MCA), which represents the lower canyon, and the Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association (BHHA) asked the city not to reinstall them. Instead, the associations agreed that stop signs be put in place on Mandeville Canyon Road between Oakmont Drive and Kimberly Lane, and between Westridge Road and Bayliss Road.

The motion was introduced in November by Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, who represents Brentwood as part of the Los Angeles's 11th District, and seconded by Third District Councilmember Dennis Zine.

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