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Mirror Media Group To Publish Brentwood News
By Nashfa Hawwa
Sep 8, 2013 - 1:15:50 PM

Jeff Hall editor of Brentwood News

BRENTWOOD—Brentwood News will now be published by the Mirror Media Group, the same company that also publishes the Santa Monica Mirror.


The agreement to have Mirror Media Group publish Brentwood News was made on Monday, August 19. Mirror Media will immediately take on the online publication of two websites, and


Canyon News spoke to Jeffrey Hall, editor of Brentwood News. Concerning the prospective circulation rate of  Brentwood News, he said, “The circulation of the Brentwood News was 13,150 prior to doing this deal; it will now rise to 14,000.”


Regarding the decision to hand over the publishing to Mirror Media Group, Hall stated that “The Brentwood News, as a stand alone monthly, was always too small to be financially strong.  Even though the community itself is very upscale, the retail base isn't huge, and its businesses that buy the ads that make a paper work. Also, the Mirror organization has impressive capabilities when it comes to website management, email blasting and online video production.  This new alliance allows the Brentwood News to keep up with the changes in publishing technology.  I think making Brentwood News part of the Mirror Media Group provides real hope that the Brentwood News will still be here many years from now.”


The Mirror Media Group has a strong reputation in the world of digital publishing and is expected to boost the content and circulation rate of Brentwood News.


“My hope is that this new structure will help achieve economies of scale and advertising sales synergies. As the paper becomes stronger, page count will grow, and there will be more room for editorial content, which will be a good thing.  Every month, many good stories got left on the cutting room floor,” stated Hall.


Hall will continue to be the editor of Brentwood News and will also continue to write his regular column “Brentwood Beat.” 

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